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The Designing for Cisco Internetwork Solutions (CCDA Intensive) course focuses on the skills needed to design world-class networks for small- to medium-sized networks (fewer than 500 nodes). This course takes students through all the steps necessary to design an internetwork that meets a customer's needs for functionality, performance, scalability, and security. Student will design network solutions that include the network topology, LAN and WAN hardware and media, network-layer addressing, routing protocols, software feature provisioning, and a network management strategy.


This course will prepare students to successfully pass the Cisco certification exam #640-861 to become a Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA).

Course schedule

Duration: 5 days
To view the schedule for this class, click here.

Who should attend

Systems engineers and network designers who have a working knowledge of internetworking and Cisco products.


Knowledge and skills to install, configure, and operate small networks.
CCNA certification is highly recommended.

Course Outline

  • Applying a Methodology to Network Design
    • Identifying Organizational Network Policies and Procedures
    • Examining Organizational Network Requirements
    • Characterizing the Existing Network
    • Completing the Network Design

  • Structuring and Modularizing the Network
    • Designing the Network Hierarchy
    • Using a Modular Approach in Network Design
    • Evaluating Network Services and Solutions Within Modular Netwoks

  • Designing Basic Campus-Switched Networks
    • Reviewing the Campus Design Methodology
    • Selecting Campus Design Models

  • Designing an Enterprise WAN
    • Reviewing the Enterprise Edge Design Methodology
    • Selecting Enterprise Edge Technologies

  • Designing IP Addressing for the Network
    • Designing IP Addressing
    • Introducing IPv6

  • Selecting Routing Protocols for a Network
    • Evaluating Routing Protocol Selection Criteria for a Network
    • Assessing Routing Protocol Features
    • Designing a Routing Protocol Deployment

  • Evaluating Security Solutions for the Network
    • Identifying Attacks and Selecting Countermeasures
    • Identifying Security Mechanisms for a Defined Security Policy
    • Selecting Security Solutions Within Network Modules


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