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The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) is an internationally recognized training program that provides a way for people to raise their knowledge level and confidence in fundamental computer concepts and skills. It is fast becoming the most widely recognised, international training in the field of computer use because it meets the needs of the full spectrum of the population and has the support and supervision of the industry's professional societies around the globe.

The MOS is available to everyone. It serves as a passport to employment; opening doors on the new world of information technology.

Benefits of the MOS

  • Benefits to an Individual
    • Increases knowledge and confidence
    • Improves job prospects
    • Confirms up-to-date IT skills to prospective employers

  • Benefits to an Organisation
    • Provides a computer skills inventory
    • Improves pay-back on IT investments
    • Reduces Technical Support queries
    • Increases IT quality and productivity
    • Provides a benchmark for employee recruitment

  • Benefits to a Community
    • Addresses the issue of IT skills shortages
    • Closes the IT skills gap
    • Attracts inward investment
    • Creates new business opportunities

Course schedule

Duration: 5 days.
To view the schedule for this class, click here

Who should attend

Anyone who wants and needs to use a personal computer competently.


Participation requires no prior knowledge of Information Technology (IT) concepts or computer operating experience.

Course Outline

  • Module 1 - Basic Concepts of Information Technology (IT)

    The purpose of the first module is to provide you with a thorough introduction to the computer as well as basic concepts related to set-up, software, external devices and network. Additionally, you will learn about the information society - and about guidelines concerning computer ethics, data security, registers and copyrights. View details
  • Module 2 - Using the Computer and Managing Files

    This module will introduce the basic functions required to work efficiently. The start-up menu is explained - as well as basic tools for creating, moving and copying data. Moreover, there are descriptions of procedures for installing hardware and software and of remote communication features.
    View details

  • Module 3 - Word Processing

    Module 3 is meant to give you hands-on experience in using a word processor. This module deals with the creation of documents, as well as using the spelling checker, page setups, printing capabilities, templates, toolbars, merging of letters, tables, indexes, list functions, 3-D effects, columns, page headers and clip art items.
    View details

  • Module 4 - Spreadsheets

    Module 4 will teach you to create a spreadsheet - and how to insert data and formulas into the spreadsheet. You will get a demonstration of how to use the auto-formatting option and how to print out your spreadsheets. Furthermore, the module contains information about the creation of charts and lists, scenario management, auto-filtering, and target search options.
    View details

  • Module 5 - Databases

    Module 5 discusses the use of Access. You will learn how to create databases and work with formulas, reports and tables. Then follows a description of layout and design functions, control elements, field properties, and calculation and updating of queries. The objective is to enable you to design a database using a standard database tool and to create simple queries and generate reports in an existing database.
    View details

  • Module 6 - Presentations

    The purpose of Module 6 is to teach you how to create a presentation using PowerPoint. The various screen elements will be introduced. You will learn about presentations, templates, charts, insertion of Clipart items, using the Save HTML and Presentation Package guides, how to run a slide show and how to create an organization chart.
    View details

  • Module 7 - Internet and E-mail

    This module will teach you about information networks. This means focusing on your calendar, journal, mail, tasks, and contacts. It will also discuss the Internet and its huge potential for presenting, searching for and exchanging information. Finally, it deals with search techniques and guidelines.
    View details


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