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First Steps with Word Processing
  • Open (and close) a word processing application
  • Open one, several documents
  • Create a new document (based on default, other available template)
  • Save a document to a location on a drive
  • Save a document under another name
  • Save a document in another file type such as: text file, Rich Text Format, HTML, template, software specific file extension, version number
  • Switch between open documents
  • Use available Help functions
  • Close the document
Adjust Settings
  • Change between page view modes
  • Use magnification/zoom tool
  • Display or hide built-in toolbars
  • Display or hide non-printing characters
  • Modify basic options/preferences in the application: user name, default directory/ folder to open, save documents


Insert Data
  • Insert text
  • Insert special characters and symbols
Select Data
  • Select character, word, line, sentence, paragraph or entire body text
Edit Data
  • Edit content by inserting new characters, words within existing text, over-typing to replace existing text
  • Use the undo, redo command
Duplicate, Move, Delete
  • Duplicate text within a document or between open documents
  • Move text within a document or between open documents
  • Delete text
Search & Replace
  • Use the search command for a specific word, phrase
  • Use a simple replace command for a specific word, phrase


Text Formatting
  • Change text appearance: font sizes, font types
  • Apply text formatting such as: bold, italic, underline
  • Apply subscript, superscript to text
  • Apply case changes to text
  • Apply different colors to text
  • Copy formatting from a piece of text to another piece of text
  • Apply an existing style to a word, a line, a paragraph
  • Use automatic hyphenation
Paragraph Formatting
  • Insert or remove paragraph marks
  • Insert, remove soft carriage return (line break) marks
  • Align text left, center, right, justified
  • Indent paragraphs left, right, first line, hanging
  • Apply single, double line spacing within paragraphs
  • Apply spacing above, below paragraphs
  • Set, remove and use tabs: left, center, right, decimal
  • Apply bullets, numbers to a single level list Remove bullets, numbers from a single level list
  • Change the style of bullets, numbers in a single level list from built-in standard options
  • Add a top and bottom border, box border and shading to a paragraph
Document Formatting
  • Change document orientation - portrait or landscape Change page size
  • Change margins of entire document, top, bottom, left, right
  • Insert, delete a page break in a document
  • Add, modify text in Headers, Footers
  • Add fields in Headers, Footers: date, page number information, file location
  • Apply automatic page numbering to a document


  • Create a table ready for text insertion
  • Insert, edit data in a table
  • Select rows, columns, cells, entire table
  • Insert and delete rows and columns
  • Modify column width, row height
  • Modify cell border width, style and color
  • Add shading to cells
Pictures, images and Charts
  • Insert a picture, an image, a chart into a document
  • Select a picture, image, chart in a document
  • Duplicate a picture, image, chart within a document, between open documents
  • Move a picture, image, chart within a document, to another document
  • Resize a picture, image, chart
  • Delete a picture, image, chart


Concept and Practice
  • Understand the term mail merge and the concept of merging a data source with a main document such as a letter or a label document
  • Open, prepare a main document for a mail merge by inserting data fields
  • Open, prepare a mailing list, other data file, for use in a mail merge
  • Merge a mailing list with a letter, label document


  • Understand the importance of proofing your document such as: checking the layout, presentation (margins, appropriate font sizes and formats) and spelling
  • Spell-check a document and make changes such as correcting spelling errors, deleting repeated words
  • Add words to a built-in custom dictionary
  • Preview a document
  • Choose print output options such as: entire document, specific pages, number of copies
  • Print a document from an installed printer using defined options, default settings



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