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First Steps with Spreadsheets
  • Open (and close) a spreadsheet application
  • Open one, several spreadsheets
  • Create a new spreadsheet (default template)
  • Save a spreadsheet to a location on a drive
  • Save a spreadsheet under another name
  • Save a spreadsheet in another file type such as: text file, HTML, template, software specific file extension, version number
  • Switch between worksheets, open spreadsheets
  • Use available Help functions
  • Close a spreadsheet
Adjust Settings
  • Use magnification/zoom tool
  • Display or hide built-in toolbars
  • Freeze, unfreeze row and/or column titles
  • Modify basic preferences in the application: user name, default folder to open/save


Insert Data
  • Enter a number, a date, text in a cell
Select Cells
  • Select a cell, range of adjacent cells, range of non-adjacent cells, entire worksheet
  • Select a row, range of adjacent rows, range of non-adjacent rows
  • Select a column, range of adjacent columns, range of non-adjacent columns
Rows and Columns
  • Insert rows, columns in a worksheet
  • Delete rows and columns in a worksheet
  • Modify column widths and row heights
Edit Data
  • Insert additional cell content, replace existing cell content
  • Use the undo, redo command
Duplicate, Move, Delete
  • Duplicate the content of a cell, cell range within a worksheet, between worksheets, between open spreadsheets
  • Use the Autofill tool/copy handle tool to copy, increment data entries
  • Move cell range contents, entire row(s), entire column(s) within a worksheet, between worksheets, between open spreadsheets
  • Delete cell contents
Search and Replace
  • Use the search command for specific content in a worksheet
  • Use the replace command for specific content in a worksheet
Sort Data
  • Sort a cell range by one criterion in ascending, descending numeric order, ascending, descending alphabetic order


Handling Worksheets
  • Insert a new worksheet
  • Rename a worksheet
  • Delete a worksheet
  • Duplicate a worksheet within a spreadsheet or between open spreadsheets
  • Move a worksheet within a spreadsheet or between open spreadsheets


Arithmetic Formulas
  • Generate formulas using cell references and arithmetic operators (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)
  • Recognize and understand standard error values associated with using formulas
Cell Referencing
  • Understand and use relative, mixed, absolute cell referencing in formulas
Working with Functions
  • Generate formulas using sum, average, minimum, maximum, count, functions
  • Generate formulas using the logical function if (yielding one of two specified values)


  • Format cells to display numbers to a specific number of decimal places, to display numbers with, without commas to indicate thousands
  • Format cells to display a date style
  • Format cells to display a currency symbol
  • Format cells to display numbers as percentages
  • Change cell content appearance: font sizes, font types
  • Apply formatting to cell contents such as: bold, italic, underline, double underline
  • Apply different colors to cell content, cell background
  • Copy the formatting from a cell, cell range to another cell, cell range
  • Apply text wrapping to contents within a cell
Alignment Border Effects
  • Align contents in a cell range: left, center, right; top and bottom
  • Centre a title over a cell range
  • Adjust cell content orientation
  • Add border effects to a cell, cell range


Using Charts/Graphs
  • Create different types of charts/graphs from spreadsheet data: column chart, bar chart, line chart, pie chart
  • Add a title or label to a chart/graph Remove a title or label from a chart/graph
  • Change the background color in a chart/graph
  • Change the column, bar, line, pie slice colors in a chart/graph
  • Change the chart/graph type
  • Duplicate, move charts/graphs within a worksheet, between open spreadsheets
  • Resize, delete charts/graphs


Worksheet Setup
  • Change worksheet margins: top, bottom, left, right
  • Change worksheet orientation: portrait, landscape Change paper size
  • Adjust page setup to fit worksheet contents on one page, on a specific number of pages
  • Add, modify text in Headers, Footers in a worksheet
  • Insert fields: page numbering information, date, time, file name, worksheet name into headers
  • Understand the importance of checking spreadsheet calculations and text before distribution
  • Preview a worksheet
  • Turn on, off display of gridlines, display of row and column headings for printing purposes
  • Apply automatic title row(s) printing on every page of a printed worksheet
  • Print a cell range from a worksheet, an entire worksheet, number of copies of a worksheet, the entire spreadsheet, a selected chart



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