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Database Concepts
  • Understand what a database is
  • Understand how a database is organized in terms of tables, records, fields, and with field data types, field properties
  • Understand what a primary key is
  • Understand what an index is
  • Understand the purpose of relating tables in a database
  • Understand the importance of setting rules to ensure relationships between tables are valid
First Steps with Databases
  • Open (and close) a database application
  • Open or log onto an existing database
  • Create a new database
  • Save a database to a location on a drive
  • Use available Help functions
  • Close the database
Adjust Settings
  • Change between view modes in a table, form, report
  • Display or hide built-in toolbars


Main Operations

  • Create and save a table and specify fields with their data types
  • Add, delete records in a table
  • Add a field to an existing table
  • Add, modify data in a record
  • Delete data in a record
  • Use the undo command
  • Navigate within a table to the next record, the previous record, the first record, the last record, a specific record
  • Delete a table
  • Save and close a table

Define Keys

  • Define a primary key
  • Index a field without duplications allowed

Table Design/Layout

  • Change field format attributes such as: field size, number format, date format
  • Understand consequences of changing field size attributes in a table
  • Create a simple validation rule for number, text, date/time, currency
  • Change width of columns in a table
  • Move a column within a table

Table Relationships

  • Create a one-to-one or one-to-many relationship between tables
  • Delete relationships between tables
  • Apply rule(s) to relationships such that fields that join tables are not deleted as long as links to another table exist


Working with Forms

  • Open a form
  • Create and save a form
  • Use a form to enter, modify, delete records
  • Go to next record, previous record, first record, last record, specific record using form display
  • Add, modify text into Headers and Footers in a form
  • Delete a form
  • Save and close a form


Main Operations

  • Use the search command for a specific word, number, date in a field
  • Apply a filter to a table, form
  • Remove a filter from a table, form


  • Create and save a single table query, two-table query using specific search criteria
  • Add criteria to a query using any of the following operators: < (Less than), <= (Less than or equals), > (Greater than), >= (Greater than or equals), = (Equals), <> (Not equal to), And, Or
  • Edit a query by adding, removing criteria
  • Edit a query: add, remove, move, hide, unhide fields
  • Run a query
  • Delete a query
  • Save and close a query

Sort Records

  • Sort data in a table, form, query, in ascending/descending and numeric/alphabetic order


Working with Reports

  • Create and save a report based on a table, query
  • Change arrangement of data fields and headings within report layout
  • Group data under a specific heading (field) in a report in ascending, descending order
  • Present specific fields in a grouped report by sum, minimum, maximum, average, count, at appropriate break points
  • Add, modify text into Headers, Footers in a report
  • Delete a report
  • Save and close a report


Prepare to Print

  • Preview a table, form, report
  • Change report orientation: portrait, landscape Change paper size

Print options

  • Print a page, selected record(s), complete table
  • Print all records using form layout, specific pages using form layout
  • Print result of a query
  • Print specific page(s) of a report, complete report



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