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First Steps with Presentations
  • Open (and close) a presentation application
  • Open one or several presentations
  • Create a new presentation (default template)
  • Save a presentation to a location on a drive
  • Save a presentation under another name
  • Save a presentation in another file type such as: Rich Text Format, template, image file format, software specific file extension, version number
  • Switch between open presentations
  • Use available Help functions
  • Close a presentation
Adjust Settings
  • Use magnification/zoom tools
  • Display or hide built-in toolbars
  • Modify basic options/preferences in the application: user name, default directory/folder to open, save presentations


Presentation Views
  • Understand the uses of different presentation view modes
  • Change between different presentation view modes
  • Add a new slide with specific slide layout inc: title slide, chart & text, bulleted list, table
  • Change between built-in slide layouts
  • Change background color on specified slide(s), all slides
Using Design Templates
  • Apply an available design template to a presentation
  • Change between available design templates
Master Slide
  • Insert a picture, image, drawn object into a master slide Remove a picture images, drawn object from a master slide
  • Add text into a footer of specific slides, all slides in a presentation
  • Apply automatic slide numbering, automatically updated date, non-updating date into Footer of specific slides, all slides in a presentation


Text Input, Formatting
  • Add text into a presentation in standard or outline view
  • Edit slide content, notes pages contents by inserting new characters, words
  • Change text appearance: font sizes and font types
  • Apply text formatting such as bold, italic or underlining
  • Apply case changes to text
  • Apply different colors to text
  • Apply shadow to text
  • Align text: left, center, right in a slide
  • Adjust line spacing before and after bulleted, numbered points
  • Change between style of bullets or numbers in a list from the built-in standard options
  • Use the undo or redo command
Pictures, images
  • Insert a picture into a slide
  • Insert an image into a slide
Duplicate, Move, Delete
  • Duplicate text, pictures, images within the presentation or between open presentations
  • Move text, pictures, images within the presentation or between open presentations
  • Resize pictures, images in a presentation
  • Delete text, pictures, images in a slide


Using Charts/Graphs
  • Input data to create or modify different kinds of built-in charts/graphs in a slide such as; column, bar, line, pie
  • Change the background color in the chart/graph
  • Change the column, bar, line, pie slice colors in the chart/graph
  • Change the chart/graph type
Organization Charts
  • Create an organization chart with a labeled hierarchy)
  • Change the hierarchical structure of an organization chart
  • Add or remove managers, co-workers, subordinates in an organization chart
Drawn Objects
  • Add different types of drawn object to a slide: line, free drawn line, arrow, rectangle, square, circle, text box, other available shapes
  • Change drawn object background color, line color, line weight, line style
  • Change arrow start style, arrow finish style
  • Apply a shadow to a drawn object
  • Rotate or flip a drawn object
  • Align a drawn object: left, center, right, top, bottom of a slide
  • Resize drawn object, chart within a presentation
  • Bring an object to the front or back
Duplicate, Move, Delete
  • Duplicate a chart/graph, drawn object within the presentation or between open presentations
  • Move a chart/graph, drawn object within the presentation or between open presentations
  • Delete a chart/graph, drawn object


Preset Animation
  • Add preset text or image animation effects to slides Change preset animation effects on text or images
  • Add transition effects between slides Change transition effects between slides


  • Select appropriate output format for slide presentation such as: overhead, handout, 35 mm slides, on-screen show
  • Spell-check a presentation and make changes such as: correcting spelling errors, deleting repeated words
  • Add notes (for the presenter) to slides
  • Change slide setup, slide orientation to portrait, landscape Change paper size
  • Duplicate, move slides within a presentation, between open presentations
  • Delete a slide, slides
  • Print entire presentation, specific slides, handouts, notes pages, outline view of slides, number of copies of presentation, print presentation to file 58
Deliver a Presentation
  • Hide or show slides
  • Start a slide show, start a slide show on any slide



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