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Microsoft Word 2003 / XP Advanced
This course is for people who have already had experience of using Microsoft Word and can create simple documents, but would like to do so more efficiently and consistently.
In this course, students will learn the advance features of Microsoft Word including working with sections, formatting tables, graphics & objects, headers and footers, styles, templates, and working with Excel data.
Course schedule

Duration: 1 day.
To view the schedule for this class, click here.

Who should attend

    This course is intended for all IT Professionals who want to learn the Word XP or 2003.


Experience in Microsoft Word XP / 2003 Fundamental.

Course Outline

Working with sections and columns

  • Creating and formatting sections
  • Working with multiple columns
  • Working with text in columns
  • Formatting tables

  • Table formatting basics
  • Borders and shading
  • Table AutoFormat
  • Drawing tables
  • Working with Excel data

  • Importing data and creating charts
  • Performing calculations in tables
  • Linking and embedding data
  • Working with styles

  • Creating styles
  • Modifying and deleting styles
  • Navigating in large documents
  • Headers and footers

  • Different headers and footers
  • Page numbering
  • Printing labels and envelopes

  • Labels and envelopes
  • Working with graphics and objects

  • Working with graphics and clip art
  • Inserting WordArt and symbols
  • Customizing the background
  • Using drawing tools
  • Document templates

  • Template basics
  • Creating templates


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