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SPSS is the leading program for managing and analyzing social scientific data. The course provides an to using SPSS with particular regard to analysing quantitative information, data management and charting results. The training covers basic statistical theory and introduces many of the most popular statistical tests. The course focuses on how to use SPSS to enhance the typical data analysis process through informed statistical analysis and appropriate data presentation.


Course Schedule

Duration: 2 days.
To view the schedule for this class, click here.

Course Outline

Introduction to SPSS for Windows
•  Starting SPSS for Windows
•  Retrieving an SPSS Data File
•  A Simple Analysis
•  Viewing, Printing & Saving
•  Leaving SPSS

Reading a Raw Data File
•  Variable Names
•  Adding Labels
•  Missing Values
•  Looking at Your Data using Value Labels
•  Changing Data Values using Value Labels
•  Default Options in SPSS

Crosstabulation and Recode
•  Crosstabulation in SPSS for Windows
•  Recoding

Using Compute to Create New Variables
•  Basic Command
•  Mathematical Expressions
•  Missing Values and Compute
•  The Count Command

Conditional Computes: the IF Command
•  The Basic Command
•  Relational and Logical Operators and Functions
•  Conditional Expressions and Missing Values

Selecting and Sampling Cases
•  Selecting & Sampling Cases
•  Selecting the Whole Set of Cases Again
•  Split File Command

Numerical and Graphical Summaries of Data
•  Histograms, Box-Plots, Bar Charts, & Scatter Plots

The Chi-Squared Test
•  Observed and Expected Frequencies



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